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Hebron and the Cave of Macphelah

In Hebron is located the Abraham’s Tomb (Me'arat Hamachpela / Al-haram Al-Ibrahimi), and have the opportunity to enter both the Mosque on the Muslim side, and the synagogue on the Jewish side. The site has been divided since the Goldstein massacre, and with our virtual  tour you will not encounter any security checks and you do not have to make sure that you have your passport. 

Hebron is the only city in the West Bank that has a large part of it (20%) still under direct Israeli control, and is the only urban Palestinian area with Jewish settlements in its old city center. 170,000 Palestinians and over 600 settlers live in Hebron. Hundreds of soldiers and policemen are in charge of protecting the settlers, and enforcing an odd mix of Israeli and military law. As a result, Hebron is one of the epicenters of the Occupation.

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