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The Jerusalem Four Corners Tour

Ezekiel 5:5: “Thus says the Lord GOD: ‘This is Jerusalem; I have set her in the midst of the nations and the countries all around her.



Who did not hear about Jerusalem? Sacred to third of humanity: Jews, Christians and Moslems. Because of its status, as a spiritual magnet, Jerusalem has always been a city of many languages and cultures, attracting people from the four corners of the earth. 


Tour Highlights

  • Discover Jerusalem remote prestige location, from its four corners. 


  • Live both its ancient and modern royal history, during its greatest glory, wrapped in her walls.


  • Hear authentic local stories of the Jerusalem daily life.​


Being a Jerusalemite born here, I enjoy sharing my love and knowledge of this unique city with great passion. I am a Jerusalem specially authorized guide from the ministry of tourism, with 20 years of experience guiding groups, families and individuals in my city, Jerusalem the capitol of all the world.



As Jerusalem is a magnet for people from the four corners of the earth, we will explore Jerusalem from its four iconic local corners. We will begin our Jerusalem experience with the most magnificent SOUTHERN view, at the House of Abraham rooftop. We will start with the story of Abraham and see the city southern suburbs. 

Then lingering together to the secret breath-taking EASTERN view of the old city from the Mt. of Olives, walking through some of the neighborhoods of east Jerusalem. 

Now we will head to the NORTHERN view, Tel- ElFul (climbing the foundations of the former Palace of King Hussein of Jordan). From there we can see the geographical importance of Jerusalem being in the heart of the hill country at the edge of the desert and talk more about the recent status of Jerusalem.

Finally, we will drive through the Jewish neighborhoods of east Jerusalem to our last WESTERN rich view, from the top of Nabi Samuel Tomb, sacred to the three monolithic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.



Tony is amazingly knowledgeable, fun and cares for your every need while you are on the tour! He is a local who grew up in Jerusalem. Highly recommended... 5 stars! Craig Andrus


Tony is very knowledgeable and very helpful, patient and kind. I can’t imagine how anyone could be better. It was a joy to see Jerusalem through his eyes. Kay Duke Rider


Get this Jerusalem Iconic tour and experience Jerusalem through the eyes of its local Inhabitants. 

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