Mission & Vision statement of Twins Tours & Travel Ltd

Updated: Feb 17

Welcome to Twins Tours & Travel Ltd In this podcast we will give a general introduction about Twins Tours, we will talk about twins Tours Mission statement, the Vision of Twins Tours , and at the end we will be talking about Twins Tours Team. Twins Tours & Travel LTD is a local Christian Travel agency specializing in building customized tour packagesto the Holy Land. You will Experience the Bible’s living history first-hand as you retrace the path of the Patriarchs and walk in the footsteps of Jesus. It is our aim that you and your fellow travelers will gain greater insight into the Scriptures as you connect with the land and the local Body of Christ.It has been both humbling and a privilege to see numerous lives transformed as our groups experience the God of the Scripture on a personal level through the intentional interaction with the Land of the Bible. Our Mission Statement To provide a journey of identity through learning the culture, the customs, and the context of Scripture through Jesus’ Middle Eastern eyes, mind, and heart. Our Experience In our experience of more than 20 years, most people leave this land changed forever. For those who have never been to Israel,it is hard to describe how much of a difference it makes to come and stand in the land of the Bible and see it for yourself. We have often heard it described as suddenly seeing in color after living in a world of black and white. There is no doubt that coming to the Holy Land will inject new life into

the faith walk of each tour participants with Jesus of Nazareth, and unveil a new appreciation for His Word. In addition to offering Biblical study tours, we also offer a variety of tours, each with a different focus: – Biblical Study Tours – Faith Pilgrimages – Service/Volunteer/Ministry Projects – Intercessory Prayer Journeys – Personally Customized/Specialized/Themed or Concept Tours – Conferences/Concerts Twins Tours Vision Statement We pursue unity between the Western and Eastern Churches by building bridges in personal interaction between the living stones to foster relationships of mutual blessing and understanding between them. Through personal experience, God gives revelation of His heart for every tongue, tribe, and nation which matures the Body of Christ in bringing reconciliation, unity, and a testimony that Jesus is Lord. To achieve these goals, we invite groups to experience the Holy Land and its people in depth from an indigenous Evangelical Christian perspective. Come join us in bringing your prayers to life! Detailed Vision Statement We pursue a real unity which does not imply homogenization or agreeing on everything. Real unity recognizes that no man (or culture) is an island. We each have strengths and weaknesses and we benefit from diversity when we achieve unity that produces mutual blessing. Achieving unity requires a revelation from God on three levels:

1. Awareness – God reveals to us that there are Christians from a completely different culture and with a completely different history – Middle Eastern Christians. a. Awareness begins with realizing that there are Palestinians Christians which are not Muslim background believers (MBBs) but rather Christians from birth and often for many generations. b. Awareness continues with the revelation that Jesus didn’t give His disciples the King James Bible with His words in red. Jesus spoke Hebrew and Aramaic. Middle Eastern Christians today speak the same Semitic languages of Aramaic,Hebrew and Arabic. c. Awareness, ultimately, includes revelation that Jerusalem is the birthplace of all Christianity and not the Western Nations which receive the most media attention. There is something holy and rooted about Eastern Christianity that Western Christianity only vaguely knows exists! 2. Understanding – God reveals the culture and history of these Middle Eastern Christians and gives us the ability to see how they see. Their perspective of the scripture becomes one in which we understand and can also access. 3. Appreciation – God reveals his heart for these Middle Eastern Christians and the beauty He sees in that culture and perspective. Co-founder Tony likes to say, “We still carry the smell of Christ.” It may be different and because it is foreign,that smell may not appeal at first. But with understanding and connection, a level of unity can be achieved which produces appreciation for the Middle Eastern Christians and the “smell of Christ” still present in this culture. a. Appreciation begins with humility of seeing weaknesses in one’s own culture/perspective that could be strengths in the other cultures/perspectives.

b. Appreciation also realizes that Eastern Christianity may look very different and have weaknesses, but the strengths Western Christianity has to offer must come from a place of service and not superiority. c. Appreciation also includes a decision not to vilify any of the groups in the Middle East: Jews, or Palestinians. The saying is, “If you choose, you lose.” The Western and Eastern Churches which Twins Tours is trying to unify has many distinct differences. As mentioned previously, it is to be aware of these differences, understand these differences, and ultimately, appreciate these differences. Here are some of the noteworthy differences:

Western Christianity Romance Languages (English, Spanish, latin etc.) Organizational Individualistic Rigid/Boxy Formal without many customs Values Mind and Thought Theoretical Timely Eastern Christianity Semitic Languages (Aramaic, Hebrew, Arabic) Relational Communal Fluid Informal with many customs Values Heart and Emotions Action-oriented Improvisational

These Christian communities also differ tremendously in their history. These historical differences impact the perspective of Christians from these communities even today. Western Christianity was integrated with national governments even ruling over large sections of Europe at times. This produced a more hierarchical oriented Christianity and one which naturally thinks institutionally. Eastern Christianity began with almost 400 years of persecution and attempted to survive under various ruling nations and people. This produced a community oriented relation ally. Both Western and Eastern churches have valuable natural strengths and Twins Tours would like to help each side to be aware, understand and ultimately appreciate those strengths. We recognize that our rich indigenous Christian heritage and culture utilizing the Aramaic and Hebrew sources of scripture can be an asset to Western Christians. Twins Tours serves as a natural bridge because of its connection to Messianic Jews, Orthodox Jews, Arab Christians, Arab Muslims, and Western Christians. We want to help others build bridges in personal interaction in three main ways: 1. Bridging to Arab Christians 2. Bridging to Arab Muslims 3. Bridging to Jews A bridge,by definition, is a two-way connection. A weak bridge cannot handle a heavy load. Similarly, a weak relational bridge cannot handle heavy topics and in order to bring true unity, we must be able to talk about the heavy concepts plaguing the Middle East. But we start building and recognize not all relational bridges are ready for the weight of some issues. We appreciate any and all bridges as they do represent an awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the “other” to an extent.

In the end, every relational bridge comes down to a personal connection. To this end, Twins Tours fosters personal connections between tourists and local communities. The type and depth of connection is dictated by the size of the group. – Ministry: For groups of 10-25 people, these groups get hands on with locals often in their personal homes. – Interaction: For groups of 26-50 people, these groups visit locals in their ministry environment. – Exposure: For groups of 51+ people, these groups are visited by locals who share about their life, ministry, and experiences. Three quick examples of these opportunities: A Ministry Group can have one- or two-nights homeostasis a Palestinian family in Bethlehem or West Bank. They will enjoy the food prepared by the host and learn the village culture in a way that brings the bible to life. They will hear the family stories and have fun learning from each other. In this way they will understand the daily challenges of the family, build trust, and begin a lifelong friendship. Though many people want to do “ministry” in Israel and Palestine, we have found that pastors first need to build a relationship with the people before “doing ministry” in order to be effective. An Interaction Group can have a Shabbat dinner with a Jewish family. They will learn about Shabbat and Jewish family values and the daily life in Israel. They will learn a Jewish perspective that will help the Bible come to life. The experience will probably stay with the group longer than the guide teachings at a given site.

An Exposure Group can havea Jewish Rabbi meet the group for a lecture about Jewish-Christian relations. Then that same group can meet a Palestinian Christian farmer and hear his story as well. Another option is to bring a Muslim-background believer (MBB) to share his testimony. These experiences expose the group to a world they may not have even been aware of previously. For those who want to minister to locals, they must have a relationship with local pastors and appreciation for the good in the culture. It is important notto give solutions until a relationship is established. In the beginning of a relationship, it is important not to judge but just hear the hearts of the people who are hurt and need someone to listen to them. In this way, a tourist can relate to the history and ancient lessons rooted in the Bible and also to the living stones. We read in 1 Peter 2:5, “You yourselves like living stones are being built up as a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.” We are all the living stones which are being built up together. Sometimes tourists forget the local believers who are living stones far more precious than the ancient stones of the Western Wall or Caesarea. They are a holy priesthood with spiritual sacrifices and gifts to give. They are the continuation of 2,000 years of what Jesus started here in the Land. There is a continuation of biblical events with events going on TODAY in the land. To bring the living stones into unity, the wounds of the past will need to be healed through reconciliation. Some of these wounds include the wealth of the Western church, neglect and even complete ignorance of the Eastern Church,a Western superiority complex, and indigent pride of the Eastern church.