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Updated: Feb 17

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Walking the Holy Land

Let me Tel You why I created walking The Holy land Online Courses?

I live in Israel and I have been a licensed tour guide for 20 years, guiding Christian groups through the Holy Land almost every day. They had the privilege to make the journey, but it is not possible for so many people for a variety of reasons.

1. Too expensive for their personal budget- yes it costs a lot to travel to Israel, I am aware of people saving for many years in order to be able to afford the trip

2. Physical challenges – the flight to Israel is very long, there is a lot of walking each day, Israel tourist sites are not well equipped for wheelchairs, and being part of an organized group tour is strenuous and too exhausting for some people.

3. Can’t take that much time away from work or from their family. You need a minimum of 8 days in Israel to experience the Biblical sites, plus another 2 days of flight travel. So total 10 days minimum. Some groups stay for 14 days.

4. Another big reason is that people feel anxious about traveling in the Middle East, where there are uprisings and regional conflict in all the countries surrounding Israel.

5. Now there is the global pandemic of Coronavirus, that has shut down almost all international travel for the past year. In the future, Israel may require all foreign visitors to have proof of vaccination or quarantine.

I want to make it easy on you and give you an online experience of walking the Holy Land.

To add another important point there have been many groups visiting Israel and sadly they missed receiving quality teaching on tour, despite they visited the most famous tourist sites, but were rushed from one place to another, to finish their program.

WHY another online course Walking the Holy Land?

In these online courses you will learn at your own pace, because all these online courses will be optimized for all your devices, no matter where you are you can learn about the holy land at your own time and comfort and convenience, from your own home, office, even mobile phone.

You can visit these biblical sites virtually and receive deep teachings anytime you like, you will learn about the mind and heart of Jesus through the middle eastern eyes through the Hebraic perspective, of the First Century Culture, Customs and Context.