Rules & Protocols for Tour Groups Entering Israel

A limited number of pre-approved groups numbered from 5 – 30 not requiring a quarantine period will be allowed entrance starting from late May 2021 as part of a trial period. This is a projected starting point may yet be delayed.

Pending on the results of this trial period, a larger number of groups will be allowed in as we move into the summer months.

all groups will have to be pre-submitted by their travel Agency in Israel

At this point (this is not final), all visitors will have to produce:

  1. A vaccination record

  2. A negative PCR test

  3. Pass a serological test upon entrance to Israel

  4. Possess a valid health insurance policy

  5. Provide all their information and contact numbers

Vaccines are presently accepted from the USA and the EU, and discussions are underway with many other nations. Israel presently accepts vaccinations recognized by the USA’s FDA and Europe’s EMA.

All groups will be accompanied by pre-authorized guide and driver, that will keep a detailed record of their movements, and follow careful guidelines

In the rare possibility of sickness or exposure to a confirmed sick person, quarantine requirements will be applied to the individual or the group, depending on the circumstances.

Conditions for entering Israel

  1. Conditions:-

"Vaccinated tourist:" A tourist who was vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the FDA or EMA and performed a serological examination, at the entrance to Israel in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health and come from a country that has been signed agreement with Israel for mutual recognition of the vaccination certificates and vaccination approved by the FDA or . EMA are allowed to enetr israel

"Incoming Tourism Agent:" Person, including Corporation, Licensed authorized Dealer License, is subject of the following conditions:

Appears in the Incoming Tourism Agents Database of the Ministry of Tourism listed in this link:

Tourist group: "A group of tourists of 5 to 30 people who have the same citizenship that the Incoming travel agent asks for an approval for their arrival``.

"Application for registration of a tourist group": An application submitted by an incoming travel agent for the approval of a tourist group Subject to the conditions listed in this procedure, which is submitted on the website of the Ministry of Tourism. The request will include a guest list and additional details as stated in the digital application form published on the Ministry of Tourism website.

‘’Guide" Holder of a guide license as stated in the Tourist Services (Guides) Regulations (1967, 1967, provided Whose license is valid.

Conditions for approving the entry of these tourists groups into Israel.

All members of the group who is planning to come to Israel need to be the tourists vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the FDA or EMA and in their hands a negative PCR test, that need to be performed during 72 hours before the departure of the plane on which the group is traveling by to arrive in Israel.

All members of the group who come to Israel must purchase an insurance policy that covers medical treatment for corona virus disease.

The Travel agent in Israel needs to have the full contact details of the tourists in the group, in Israel and abroad, including phone number, Mobile, email and address of where the tourist live back home. The agent will be allowed to call the tourist after visiting the country for anytime.

It is the agent's responsibility to obtain consent from the group members to provide the required details for the purpose for which it is requested any time the ministry of health needs any information about individuals in the group.

The Ministry of Tourism will operate 24/7 to provide a real-time response to issues arising from the operation of this outline.

The agent will team up with a certified guide and driver with a certificate of immunization or recovery issued by a Health office or ministry of health, who will accompany the group throughout the visit to Israel, from the moment of landing until takeoff back to their country, Except for accommodation.

The guide and the group driver have to carry a mobile phone with a cellular network connection during each visit the group in Israel.

The size of the group shall not exceed the number allowed for gatherings in an open area, in accordance with the regu